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Two Brothers, One Crazy Vision

For sausage lovers, fresh pork sausage is the epitome of the art form. Yet truly great pork sausage is rare. So when Pete and Paul Spanitz got tired of the garden-variety sausage typically found in grocery stores, they decided to take matters into their own hands—literally. Together, they shared a vision: Become the world’s most popular sausage producers by crafting in small batches the world’s most outrageously good sausage from key ingredients initially sourced at Detroit’s Eastern Market.

In 2011, Paul passed away unexpectedly. Although devasted by the loss of his twin brother, Pete Spanitz was resolved. They would continue to strive toward their intrepid vision—Paul in spirit and Pete in the flesh. Crazy? Maybe. But check this out: Spanitz Bros. sausage just happens to be crazy delicious.

In the spirit of keeping Paul's legacy alive, a part of every sale goes to benefit the Paul Spanitz Memorial Scholarship Fund in Lincoln Park, Michigan and a local animal shelter. Paul was a great teacher, person, animal lover, and occassional animal himself.

Crafted in Greater Detroit
Our Story 1

Paul Spanitz began making sausage while working as a butcher during his early college days.

Our Story 2

October, 2005: We celebrated our first production run of sausage included a cornucopia of flavor ideas and spice blends, eventually resulting in the Hearty Poleman, THE Spanitz classic.

Our Story 3

After “perfecting” our recipes among a few flavors, we started to produce sausage for friends, family, and hungry people who happened to be around.

Our Story 4

Demand continued to increase, which resulted in more and more hours in the kitchen, and more and more flavor developments.

Our Story 5

Paul and Peter have always maintained a mantra of “Keeping the fun in what we’ve done”.

Our Story 6

Paul’s Passing – July 30, 2011: A wake up call that we wish never would have been made.

Our Story 7

Peter decides to pursue the Spanitz Brothers’ dream of launching the sausage company into something of true substance.

Our Story 8

Through cooperation with Dearborn Brand, The Hearty Poleman, Polish with Pepperjack, and Cheeseburger will be on store shelves soon. In the meantime, find us at some great local eateries. And spread the word!


All of our ingredients are fresh and top quality. The pork comes from lean pork butts purchased at Eastern Market in downtown Detroit. A wide variety of unique & flavorful spices, mixed perfectly in our recipes make for the best tasting sausage available anywhere. Natural casings are used for this product. Try our flavor of the month!

NOTE: Not all flavors are available at all times. We make different flavors at various times...depending on demand and our "flavor mood".


  • "I was able to get a few pounds of sausage upon visiting. Drove it all the way home to Pennsylvania to share it with the rest of my family. It would be worth the 16 hour round trip ride to go get more--it's just that good." Karen Binford
    Extremely Satisfied Customer
  • "Move over Abe Forman; there's a new sausage king in town!" Richie
    Sausage Connoisseur
  • "Best sausage money can buy, PERIOD! Try it once and you're hooked for life!" Rip Repotski
    Customer Since Day One
  • "You haven't had SAUSAGE until you've tried SPANITZ BROS SAUSAGE!! My family is addicted to the stuff!! We have tried just about every type and love it all!! Each flavor is true to it's name!! The "Cheeseburger" tastes like a cheeseburger, and when you bite into the " Detroit Coney," it's like eating a coney dog. Spanitz Brothers are commited to making the best sausage in town." Carol Mullins
    Satisfied Customer
  • "I've been enjoying the taste and creativity of Spanitz Bro's Sausage since its' inception. I simply won't buy sausage from a grocery store until it says Spanitz Bro's." Dr. Dan
    West Palm Beach, FL

Place an Order

If you are a local eatery that would like to play a role in our growth, would love to serve made to order sausage, made on-site, and offer your customers something entirely unique and homegrown...please contact Pete Spanitz at or call (248) 545-9741 to schedule an appointment.

Cooking Instructions

Because our product is made with lean pork, it is important for you to carefully follow our cooking instructions.

  • 1.

    Boil in a pan of water (about 2-3 inches deep) for 15-20 minutes.

  • 2.

    Then either fry in a pan or put on the grill to brown the sausage.

  • 3.

    Do not over cook, this will dry the meat.

  • 4.

    Do not puncture the casing, this lets the juices out!

Spanitz Swag


Classic Hoodie in Emerald Green

If conditions are such that you find it necessary to cover your Spanitz Bros. apparel with an outer garment, consider this gem of a pullover hoodie—it says you’re no pushover when it comes to sartorial splendor of the sausage variety. Featuring a distressed version of the inimitable Spanitz. logo screen-printed on front, it says in no uncertain terms that, when it comes to sausage, the brothers have your back. $30.

Women’s Tee

Women’s Long Sleeve Tee in Medium Grey

Promise him the world, but make sure he knows your first love is Spanitz Bros. with this finely flattering, 100% cotton tee emblazoned with Pete and Paul’s iconic logo. Less boxy than a regular t-shirt, it’s cut to show off the kind of figure you can only attain by adhering to a strict diet consisting of fresh pork sausage plus rum and coke. It’s got two arms, but won’t set you back an arm and a leg. $20.

Men’s Polo

Cotton Polo in Sea Green

Some men eat sausage to live, while others live to eat sausage. Whichever group you identify with, make sure the world knows you have impeccable taste when it comes to the greatest food every conceived of by mortal man. This priceless polo posits your preference with perfectly piqued cotton, embroidered with the logo of the brothers Spanitz. Did we say priceless? We meant $20.